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Diane Snow Linderman

Diane is the proud founder of GetaHairCut.net - GHC Barbershops - ABBA - Main Street Barber School

Diane is an industry leader and seasoned veteran. She began her career at the age of 19 (over 30 years ago).


Diane worked with and trained for the world renowned Tony & Guy Academy.

Diane's proudly displays a Million Dolor Club trophy she earned while working as a Franchisee and Operating Partner with David Rubenzer (Founder of Great Clips).


At GetaHairCut .net our focus is on a HAPPY culture.  We have surrounded ourselves with very creative people to bring us on "trend" with everything we do. 


We create the best craftsman who produce the highest quality of work.   For the finest in hair design.

Its about cultivating that relationship with our clients, as well as our team.  

We want to make sure that everyone who walks in our door looks amazing and beautiful!

(in as much as a man can look beautiful :))

Our focus is to nurture our culture so everything can come together to provide your best possible experience. 


Let us allow you to do what you do best..... 



©Founder Diane Snow Linderman